Industrial Sands

Pearl Aggregate Materials provides Swimming Pool Filter Sand: 0.45mm to 0.55mm with a uniformity coefficient of less than 1.5

Please contact us to order Swimming Pool Filter Sand.

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Pearl Aggregate Materials provides Water Well Gravel Packs in standard sizes: 6-10, 8-16, 20-40 and 10-20. Custom engineered sizes can be made to order and can be quoted.

Please contact us to order Water Well Gravel Packs.

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Pearl Aggregate Materials provides Railroad Engine Traction Sand.

Please contact us to order Railroad Engine Traction Sand.

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Pearl Aggregate Materials provides Foundry Sand AFS-GFN 45.

Please contact us to order Foundry Sand AFS-GFN 45.

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Exposed Aggregate Finish is a popular size for the pool industry, as well as Pebble Classic 610 and Pebble Mini 816. All can be used for swimming pool liners.

Please contact us to order Exposed Aggregate Finish, Pebble Classic 610, or Pebble Mini 816.

_DSC4864 exposed aggregate finish

Pearl Aggregate Materials provides Dried and Screened Sands.

1.              #2 coarse
2.              #2
3.              #3
4.              #4
5.              #5
Please contact us to order Dried and Screened Sands.

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Pearl Aggregate Materials provides Golf Course Sand, used for top dressing and bunker sand.

Please contact us to order Golf Course Sand.

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