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Pearl Aggregate Materials


Welcome to our website.

It is truly our pleasure to serve you, with our FreeBlast Glass, Industrial Sands, Oil Field Products, and or Pebble type pool finishes. Our dedicated staff and lab are here to aid you in customizing sand for your projects.

Our current product lines include:

FreeBlast (Manufactured Using %100 Recycled post consumer glass) for:

  • Conventional blasting
  • Slurry wet blasting
  • Booth / cabinet blasting
  • Restorative blasting
  • Exposed Glass Finish as a Swimming Pool Liner
  • Mineral Filler in a paint or epoxy systems

Industrial Sands (Double Washed and Dried)

  • Swimming Pool Filter Sand
  • Water Well Gravel Packs
  • Railroad Engine Traction Sand
  • Foundry Sand AFS-GFN 45
  • Exposed Aggregate Finish, as a swimming pool liner
  • Dried and Screened Sands
  • Golf Course Sand

Oil Field Products

  • Hydraulic Fracturing Proppant Sands

Dust Suppressant

  • DustNet (Link to

Please contact us to ask a question or place an order.